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Paint System
Electrosmog Free

A global concern –modern AC and wireless frequencies.
First our modern technologies developed AC Electricity and now we also add wireless high frequency microwave radiation into our everyday lives. Wireless Microwave Mobile Cell Phone Towers, UMTS/WCDMA, WLAN (Wi-Fi) Wireless Internet, Digital TV and Radio, GPS devices, TETRA, Mobiles and DECT Cordless Phones increase daily. We are also surrounded by low frequency radiation from AC electrical wiring and electric power lines. And ElectroSmog is also transmitted thru photons in our AC light systems.

A wise approach: practice “the precautionary principle”.
The effects of this Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) or Radiation (EMR) to our well-being are a matter of great concern. Many Governments in the world now encourage the “precautionary principle”; reducing our exposure to this Electro Pollution, also known as ElectroSmog, in our sleeping, living and working environment. This precautionary warning, especially applies to babies, children and young adults. But it is wise for everyone to understand and practice.

Protection from ElectroSmog is now easy and affordable.
Enjoy a safer sleeping, living, and working environment for you and your family from the many sources of ElectroSmog today! You can now take action with the ion SafeShield Solution! This website will show you the “ 1-2-3 Solution” to insure ElectroSmog reduction with superior ionSafeShield Paints and Window Shielding. Learn more or BUY NOW

ionSafeShield Paints - the revolution in shielding technology.
Revolutionary ionSafeShield Paints, developed by Electrical Engineers in Germany, are “2 in 1 Formulas” to reduce both low and high frequency EMR (EMF). Certified 99.97% reduction. Safe and easy to handle. Non toxic and water based. The first choice of leading experts in the field of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in Europe, the home of “Building Biology.” Learn more or BUY NOW

Feel and measure the difference – “like sleeping in nature”.
Each wireless device in your home or your neighbors radiates
billions of frequencies every second – a possible stress to the nervous system. One third of our lives are spent sleeping. A stressless night´s sleep allows the pineal gland to activate melatonin production, vital for wellness. Reduce "ElectroSmog Stress" in the bedroom with ion SafeShield Paint and Window Shielding. You can use ElectroSmog meters to measure the immediate reduction of ElectroSmog. Many customers share that after applying ion SafeShield paint in their bedroom that it feels “like sleeping in nature.”

You will love the light - ionSafeshield’s BIOS PureLighting.
Electrosmog electromagnetic radiation is also transmitted through artificial lighting, especially the new Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs); they are “energy saving” but radiate via the photons in the light bulbs, both high frequencies and AC low frequency ElectroSmog. ionSafeShield BIOS PureLighting lamps are the latest revolutionary development in lighting free from Electrosmog. We offer special BOIS AC-DC Transformers, and also encourage DC battery lighting charged with ECO friendly photovoltaic power.Learn more or BUY NOW

Quality ElectroSmog meters- make visible the invisible.
We offer professional frequency meters featuring products from ROM Elektronics, Gigahertz Solutions, E-Smog Spion as well as other manufactures. Learn more or BUY NOW In Europe, we also have a affordable 10 day meter rental program. Learn more or BUY NOW

Ionized Alkaline water for well being.
Alkaline wellness products are also offered featuring the Melody Jupiter Water Ionizer. Many studies reveal that ElectroSmog can contribute to an acidic condition in our body, therefore to provide an additional “internal shield” it makes sense to drink lots of alkaline water and when possible create a more alkaline diet. Learn more or BUY NOW

ElectroSmog awareness and choosing solutions.
Globally - we are using electricity and wireless technologies as never before, we are seeing in our civilization an apparently unstoppable wave of desire and use for these technologies. There may be an unforseen cause and effect for life here on the planet.

Long term research will perhaps show clearly the effects of ElectroSmog. Out of concern, our company provides immediate scientific solutions and protocols for shielding in your home and living environment. You are invited to join the many customers that have purchased our products and measure and feel the difference.

Order our products for delivery in Europe and worldwide. BUY NOW



Areas of application for all paint, fabric and foil shielding:

Home and Office:

Shield your sleeping, living and working environment. Protect against Wireless Microwave Mobile Cell Phone Towers, UMTS/WCDMA, WLAN (Wi-Fi) Wireless Internet, Digital TV and Radio, GPS devices, TETRA, Mobiles and DECT Cordless Phones. Plus shielding from AC power lines and household wiring.

Industry and research:

Shielding of EMI sensitive facilities and equipment. Protection of sensitive technical equipment.

Many applications:

- childrens rooms, bedrooms

- living and work rooms

- entire homes or buildings

- offices

- hotels and resorts

- health spas and hospitals

- meditation and yoga rooms

- science and research

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